Brief history of the institution

Nursery Nursery "Zingsnelis" is located in Šilainiai, the youngest bedroom in Kaunas district, far from the city center. Children from 1 year up to school are educated in nursery-kindergarten. Kindergarten “Steps” is a kind of pre-school educational institution, and groups of children are arranged according to the age of the children. Children with special educational needs are integrated into groups of children in normal development.

The 107th kindergarten of Kaunas was established in 1987. October 19, 1987 by the Executive Committee of Kaunas Executive Order No. 405-P. Kaunas City Council June 9 Decree no. 524-V was reorganized into 9th Russian primary school-kindergarten. Kaunas City Council June 2 by Decision No. 48 The ninth Russian primary school-nursery was reorganized into a ninth kindergarten-kindergarten. Kaunas City Council August 29 by Decision No. In 1011, the ninth kindergarten-nursery was given the name “Step”.

Our kindergarten is located in the most gratifying geographical location - here also called the slope of people. It is the first Šilainiai who have been around for more than twenty years. What could Sillyiai be proud of, what should be the attention of kindergarten children?

      • Located on a hill near Vilnius - Klaipėda Highway;
      • The slope is like a viewing platform for getting to know Kaunas;
      • River Neris and bridges over it;
      • Kleboniškis forest is just behind the Neris;
      • Kaunas IX Fort;
      • Leisure and shopping center MEGA, leisure and entertainment center OAZĖ;
      • Mail, hairdressers, shops, outpatient clinics, police stations;
      • Chapel, a variety of street names and specifics.