Nursery-nursery vision, mission, goal, objectives


Ensure high quality pre-school education for each child to ensure successful preparation at school.



Kaunas nursery-nursery “Zingsnelis” - an institution providing early, preschool and pre-school education, in Lithuanian language according to the drawn programs taking into account the child's natural powers, his individual experience, following the regularities of development, helping the child to develop all competences together with the family and preparing for further learning at school.



Family - because it combines values such as love, trust, compassion, support, responsibility.

Respect is the basis of people's communication. When communicating with others, we try to respect them, and we appreciate respect for us. Based on this principle, the teacher recognizes that communication with pupils, their parents (carers, caregivers), other members of the family and the community of the institution is based on the recognition of personal dignity and trust, thus creating an environment that is safe, open, self-esteem and creative.

Health is our most valuable asset. It is important to learn how to nurture and preserve it from a minor age when the most important health care skills are formed.



"... you need to have light with yourself, to light up in the darkness to all who stand on the road, so that when they see themselves find the light within themselves and go their way to stay in the darkness." (M.Ciurlionis)