Accessibility shortcuts


Press the SHIFT key five times: Activate and deactivate key lock
Hold down the SHIFT key for eight seconds: turn key filter on and off
Hold down the NUM LOCK key for five seconds: Turns the switching sound on and off
Left ALT + Left SHIFT + NUM LOCK: Turns the mouse simulation on and off
Left ALT + Left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN: Enables and disables the contrast image

Other key combinations
F1 - Calling Help.
F2 - rename the selected folder or file.
F3 - The Desktop Search window opens.
F5 - Refresh image.
F10 - opens the program menu.
Ctrl + A - Selects all desktop objects.
Alt + Enter - The object properties panel opens.
Alt - underlined letter from menu - selects menu section.
Alt + F4 - Close window.
Ctrl + C - Selected objects are copied to computer memory.
Ctrl + V - pasted objects from the selected location.
Delete - deletes the selected object.
Ctrl + D - deletes the selected object.
Alt + Space - Opens the window menu.
Shift + F10 - Opens the selected object menu.
Ctrl + Esc - Call up the Start menu.
Alt + Tab - Select another window.
Ctrl + Z - Cancels the last action.