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K. How many days in a kindergarten are allowed without a valid reason? One girl spent 5 days in a row. The parents brought them to the kindergarten without giving any certificates. Does the educator have the right not to accept them in the group or have the right to demand a certificate that the child is healthy.


A. If the child was not, did not attend a kindergarten for five or more days, when he arrived at a preschool, parents must bring and submit to a group teacher, a medical certificate from their family doctor confirming that their child is healthy and can attend an educational institution. Doctors' certificates are required in preschool institutions not just for themselves or because of some formality, in order to prevent various diseases among children.

K. From when to make statements to the kitchen and what documents do you need?

The sooner you write, the greater the chance to get to the desired times. A child's birth certificate and a declaration of the declared place of residence are required when writing a baby.

K. Is there a uniform fee for all kindergartens??

The city council sets the fee for maintaining children in kindergarten.

K. How long does it take for a child to adapt to a nursery?

A. Adapting a child to a crèche can take from 4 to 12 weeks.

K. I want to ask why a pre-schooler does not have a free meal if he already has a student basket?

A. Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania to improve access to pre-school education from 2011 onwards. January 1 introduced a pre-school basket (4 hours per week). Government of the Republic of Lithuania December 22 The Methodology for Calculating and Allocating the Funds of the Student Basket was approved by Resolution No. 1823 (Official Gazette, 2001, No. 57-2040; 2009, No. 158-7134, 2010, No. 155-7872), which establishes that the funds of the basket are used by employees. for the acquisition of salaries, educational means, cognitive activities, training of employees involved in the educational process and introduction and use of information and communication technologies. There are no funds for feeding children in the pre-school, pre-school and student basket.

K. How to force parents to prevent sick and sluggish children? The children say to the educators, "Mom told me not to go to kindergarten"; "Mom told me not to say that I was drinking medicine in the morning." It is a fact that parents do not respond badly to kindergarten calls so that they do not have to take the child home. Or bring a vomiting child and argue that "nothing like this" is here...

A. The hygiene norm states that it is forbidden to accept sick or (and) infectious disease symptoms (fever, complain of pain, diarrhea, vomiting, vomiting, nasal discharge, etc.), so in the case of being brought to a nursery school by a sick person child, this institution should refuse to accept such a child..

Parents have a duty to supervise their children, parental behavior is intolerable, when a diseased child, irrespective of his or her state of health, continues to go to pre-school education. This poses a danger not only to the sick child, but also to other children and staff in the pre-school institution, and the safe conditions of education are not ensured. Parents can inform parents who care about child rights (for example, the Child Rights Protection Service according to the child's place of residence) to avoid parental care for their parents.

If a child is sick in a preschool, the child's parents / guardians must be informed immediately, and the group educator must systematically inform the parents (guardians) about the child's health problems, protect and strengthen the children's health, guarantee the physical and psychological safety of the children in the group, in the hall , other office spaces, playgrounds, etc.

In the case of a child in a preschool education institution, the group educator must also inform the administration of the institution about the child's health problems. The child must be isolated before the parents arrive. It should be noted that after the illness the child may be admitted to the institution only upon presentation of a prescribed form by a doctor (s).

Article 3.155 of the Civil Code provides that parents must take care of the health of their children. Parents who violate the rights of the child, avoid or do not fulfill their duty to supervise their children, are subject to the statutory responsibility. Isn't the kindergarten too early?

K. For my son 2.10 years old, he refuses to sleep for a day, so the kindergarten teacher calls me and asks me to take the child because he is preventing other children from sleeping and not sleeping. Now I'm not working, picking up, and how will I continue when I start working? Can't I pick him up? Maybe your son can't play until the other kids sleep? Sleep is very important, especially for the growing organism. Sleep is of special importance to the human nervous system, mental work. While sleeping, man is even growing. Leaving a child without an afternoon sleep is not a good idea. Also, the rest of the child can play in the group and may disturb the attention and rest of other children. It is very important to bring the child to the kindergarten with the educator at all stages of the child's day and their rituals. When educators get acquainted with the moments of kindergarten mode, it is important for the family to apply them in their home. The same mode, rituals applied at home and kindergarten give the child security. In the long run, a child just gets habits to go to bed for an hour. In this case, cooperation between family and educator is very important. If her mother is sitting beside her, lying around her or lying around her or lying down, she can tell the educator about it and ask her to try to put the child to sleep. There are situations when a child does not let the educator go to this ritual. But there is a way out, the first couple of days next to the crib will come to the mother of the mother, and then together with the educator and eventually transfer it to the educators.


K. What is the best age to spend in a team? Isn't the kindergarten too early?

Up to five years it is not necessary to let a child go to a group. Unless he wants to. Then you can draw, sing, and dance. In such an age, the child's special talent for some area is not yet revealed. Unfortunately, parents often do not take into account the peculiarities of the baby's development. It's no secret that team leaders often have no pedagogical education, so they don't have much knowledge about pre-school development. The preschooler is not yet able to do much more seriously. For example, if you are being driven into a cage every day is too pressured, the consequences may be quite sad. The baby is quickly depleted, its immunity weakens, and it becomes more common. The child, who is forced to attend the teams, is "the very best", the personality may later be unstable. After all, the little one who is required to do so, and is not yet able to fulfill all the demands of his parents, devalues himself. Then he starts to get angry, angry and protest. Sometimes it turns off in itself. Approximately 6–7 years, it may be clear to who the child is.


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