Admission requirements

Information about queues and vacancies in preschools is currently being updated and will be visible from June.

From 2019 September 1 it is planned to form the following groups:

one crèche gr. children, born 2018, two crèche gr. children, born 2017,

six kindergarten gr:

- two groups 3-4 years old (born 2016)

- two groups 4-5 years old (born 2015);

- two groups 5-6 years (born 2014m)

two pre-school groups 6-7 years old (born 2013).

What do parents (guardians) have to do to start a child in kindergarten?

  • First, REQUEST:
  • electronically;
  • an employee of any educational institution in Kaunas who is responsible for the processing of data on admission of children to groups;
  • The head of Kaunas City Municipality Administration responsible for the centralized processing of data on the admission of children to the group is Edita Mikelioniene, Chief Specialist of the Education and Training Division (J.Gruodis 16, tel. 20 84 27).

The request shall include:

  • child's name, surname, personal code, place of residence;
  • desirable to attend an educational institution (specify no more than two alternatives);
  • preferred date of child admission, other preferred services;
  • preference for child adoption in an educational institution;
  • Parents / guardians.

The application shall be accompanied by documents and / or copies thereof (or a digital version thereof, if the application is completed electronically) confirming the composition of the family, its social status and other circumstances which may give rise to priority.
The application is not registered if it contains incorrect data or does not contain all the data.
When the child is brought into the group, the parents (guardians) present the child health certificate in the prescribed form to the director of the educational institution.
Admission to a group
formalized by bilateral (one parent (guardian) and educational institution) education contract.

How to choose an educational institution? 

Parents (guardians) have the right to choose any kind of pre-school educational institution in Kaunas, regardless of their place of residence. They can choose up to two institutions for their children and specify the alternatives in the request.
Changing one alternative is equivalent to supplementing the request.
Replacing both alternatives equates to submitting a new application.
Increasing the conditions stated in the application reduces the possibility of access, and the choice of the list of educational institutions is narrowed.

What are the main queuing provisions?

Adopting Children:
1) following the order of registration of the request;
2) preference is given to:

  • children whose brother or sister attends the same educational establishment;
  • for children from the rotated (relocated) soldiers family offered by the Municipal Education Department
  • an adopted child aged between 1.5 and 6 years;
  • the child must visit the designated institution on the proposal of the Department of Child Rights Protection of the Municipal Administration;
  • disability or significant developmental disorder (impaired intelligence, autism, blindness, or dyspnoea up to 0.3, deafness or hearing loss 41 dB, cerebral palsy or other very significant movement and position disorder)
  • a child from a family belonging to a group of disadvantaged families
  • a child from a family raising three or more children;
  • other cases specified in the regulations of the educational institution (specify).

3) takes into account the wish of parents (guardians) to educate the child by applying a non-traditional educational methodology or pedagogical system;

Priority shall be given to the documents attached to the request and / or copies thereof (or a digital version thereof, if the application is completed electronically) confirming the composition of the family, its social status and other circumstances.
Groups are formed for the academic year before 1 June of each year, although the parents / guardians can submit requests at any time of the year.

How do parents get information about getting a child to an educational institution? 

Upon submission of requests, parents (guardians) will receive data on existing and available vacancies in the groups, about the place of the child in the queue and other information confirming the possibilities of admission to the group. To do this they will be able to connect themselves to or contact the responsible staff at the educational establishment or the Municipal Education and Training Department.

How will the problem be solved if the child does not enter the educational establishment due to lack of places?

If there are no vacancies at the educational establishment (s) requested by the parent (s), another educational establishment is available. When you have a free seat, the child is given priority to visit the desired institution.


Children in nursery - kindergarten are accepted, whose declared place of residence is in Kaunas city.

Parents who fill in the e-mail application electronically must be sent to the institution's e-mail with the child's birth certificate and a certificate of the child's place of residence in Kaunas (copies).

Admission to the nursery-kindergarten will take place according to the approved decision of Kaunas City Municipality Council - here


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