Chairman and members of the board of the institution

Chairperson: Rita Gustainienė, Teacher Methodist,
Secretary - Margarita Macioniene, Teacher Methodist
Danė Marcinkevičienė, Senior. teacher
K. Barancovaitė-Skindaravičienė, Parent Representative
S. Bričkuvienė, parents' representative
A. Pratapiene, parents' representative
Aldona Brazauskiene, teacher assistant
Antanas Ražickas, electrician
Žana Kizlienė, Dietist

Extract from the settings of Kaunas nursery-kindergarten „Žingsnelis“

27. The nursery-nursery council (hereinafter referred to as the council) is the highest self-governing institution of nursery-nursery. The Council brings together the parents (guardians), teachers, local community of the Nursery-kindergarten for the management of the nursery-kindergarten, helps to solve the relevant issues of the Nursery-kindergarten, to represent the director of the kindergarten-kindergarten.

28. The Council is elected for two years. Parents (guardians) are delegated in equal parts by the general meeting of parents, teachers - teachers' council, community representatives - meeting of nursery-kindergarten employees.

29. The Council shall meet at least twice a year. A meeting is legitimate if at least two thirds of the members are present. Decisions are adopted by a majority of those present. If the votes are distributed evenly, the decision is made by the chairman's vote. The director of the nursery can attend the meetings of the invited member at the Council meetings.

30. The Council is chaired by the President, elected by open vote at the first Council meeting.

31. The Council:

31.1. Submit proposals regarding the strategic objectives, tasks and measures of implementation of the Nursery Nursery;

31.2. Approve the Nursery-Kindergarten Strategic Plan, the Nursery-Kindergarten Annual Activity Plan, the Nursery-Kindergarten Internal Rules of Procedure, and other documents regulating the activities of Nursery-kindergarten provided by the Director of the Nursery-Kindergarten;

31.3. Submits proposals to the Director of the Kindergarten-kindergarten for changing or supplementing the provisions of the Kindergarten-kindergarten;

31.4. Consider issues of use of nursery-kindergarten funds;

31.5. Listen to the annual activity report of the Director of the Kindergarten-Kindergarten and make proposals to the director of the Kindergarten-kindergarten regarding the improvement of the activities of the Kindergarten-kindergarten;

31.6. Provide proprietors with material for nursery-kindergarten;

31.7. Discusses the initiatives of other nursery-school self-government institutions, parents (guardians) and community of nursery-kindergarten and submits proposals to the director of the Nursery-Kindergarten;

31.8. Provides suggestions for the improvement of nursery-kindergarten work, the development of safe children's education and working conditions, and contributes to the formation of material, financial and intellectual resources of Kindergarten;

31.9. Discusses questions given by the Director of the Kindergarten.

32. Council resolutions are lawful if they do not contradict the law.

33. The Council reports once a year on its activities to the community in Lynch-Nursery.