The institution pays great attention to the child and its individuality. Efforts are made to create good conditions for children's self-expression and self-education, a safe and healthy environment. Great attention to child health education and condition creation, application of various forms of health promotion. Good health does not come by itself - the foundations of the family and the institution need to lay the foundations at an early age. Democratic relations between teachers and children, parents, staff.

Organized at various open-air events both inside and outside. Family members are actively involved in the diverse activities of the institution. Parents are active facilitators in preparation for celebrations, entertainment, exhibitions, offering and implementing ideas in the educational process, preparing and implementing group projects, etc. Each group has a morning ritual, a group song-chant. The nursery has its own anthem.

Developing contacts and cooperation with other educational institutions in the country allows sharing of different work experiences, learning from each other and improving their work. Co-operation takes place between educators and pupils: joint health promotion and other events are taking place.

In pursuit of its goals and bringing together members of the community for joint activities, the institution creates its own traditions and peculiarities of activities. For many years, traditional, community-wide celebrations have taken place. This is the autumn joy week dedicated to the end of autumn work, the preparation of the winter for the winter, the festive afternoon with Santa Claus, the farewell party, the Kaziukas fair that invites not only the community of the suburb to the noisy and cheerful Mardi Gras celebration, which stirs everyone to chase winter in the yard and invite the spring to say goodbye to the spring and invite the spring. with kindergarten holidays and many others.


Rental and use of sports facilities, premises


  1. The gym area of 92.74 m² is rented for sports activities from October to December. Mondays 17.00-18.00, Wednesdays 16.30-17.30 a total of 22 hours for 46.32 Eur.
  2. The area of the Acting Hall is 136.16 m² for rhythmic dance classes from October to December. Tuesdays 16.30-17.30, Fridays 16.30-17.30, Total 23 hrs. for 41.69 Eur.